Green Screen Shoots

Green is our favourite colour. Strictly these days. Green screen shoots are happening everywhere in Central Eastern Europe, the region we cover with local, embedded video crews.

Hopefully, clients will have enough toward the end of the pandemic and will wish for something else…

Blue screen anybody?


Moscow green screen filming

This green screen shoot happened in Moscow, Russia. The client requested a TedX like set-up with 3 cameras, so we required a fairly large green screen studio to accommodate the 3 Sony FS7 cameras and a teleprompter.


Green screen shoot in Moscow

Moscow green screen shoot


Green screen shoot in Vienna

This shoot happened in Austria with a straightforward single camera set-up. We used a portable Lastolite 2.9m x 1.8m spring-frame operated non-writhing green screen with Dedo lighting kit for the talent and 2x Kino Flo Diva lights for the green screen. The camera used was a Canon C300 Mark II. set with Xeen 50mm & 85mm lenses (we never use cheap photo lenses on our shoots).


Ljubljana green screen shoot

Another single camera simple green screen shoot with multiple talents. This happened in Ljubljana, Slovenia for a British medical client. The camera we used was a Sony FS7 with a stock Sony cinema zoom.


Green screen shoot in Ljubljana

Green creen shoot in Ljubljana for a medical client