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We are offering aerial cinematography services with licensed drone operators


In today’s fast-paced world, aerial video production has become an integral part of marketing, entertainment, and storytelling. The ability to capture breathtaking aerial footage has revolutionized the industry, thanks to the advent of drone technology. Unlocking new perspectives and delivering stunning visuals, our drone services have become essential tools for video production. By leveraging our drone services, filmmakers, businesses, and content creators can elevate their productions and captivate audiences like never before.

The Power of Video Crew Hire’s Drone Services in Video Production:

Drone services we offer significantly enhance the quality and impact of video production. From expansive landscapes to enthralling action sequences, drones allow for seamless aerial cinematography, providing never-before-seen perspectives that catch the eye and summon viewers into the scene.

Using our Mavic 2 Pro drone on a Huawei shoot in Fenyeslitke

Using our Mavic 2 Pro drone on a Huawei shoot in Fenyeslitke


Unparalleled Aerial Perspective:

Drone services grant video production teams the ability to capture breathtaking aerial shots with ease. From soaring over towering skyscrapers to sweeping over picturesque natural landscapes, the unique vantage points offer mesmerizing visuals that immerse viewers in the world crafted by the filmmaker. With drones, filmmakers can create compelling establishing shots, showcase scale and context, and add a wow factor that elevates the overall quality of the production.

Enhanced Cinematic Storytelling:

Drone services provide a dynamic tool for visual storytelling. The fluid movement and cinematic quality of drone footage lend themselves perfectly to creating captivating narratives. Filmmakers can use drones to execute stunning tracking shots, epic flyovers, and seamless scene transitions, thereby enhancing the emotional impact of the story being told. By integrating drone footage into their productions, filmmakers can capture attention, evoke emotions, and engage viewers on a profound level.

 Versatility and Flexibility:

Drone services offer unparalleled versatility, allowing video production teams to capture footage in diverse locations and settings. From urban environments to rugged terrains, drones can maneuver effortlessly and capture shots that were previously only possible with expensive equipment or helicopters. The compact and agile nature of drones ensures flexibility in capturing a variety of scenes, whether it’s a fast-paced action sequence, a stunning natural landscape, or a crowded city street, revealing new dimensions to a production’s visual narrative.

Cost-effective Solutions:

In the past, acquiring aerial footage required costly helicopters or cranes to achieve the desired shots. Drone services provide an affordable alternative, eliminating the need for expensive equipment and reducing production costs significantly. Businesses, small production houses, and independent content creators can now access high-quality aerial footage at a fraction of the cost. By utilizing drone services, video production teams can allocate more resources to other crucial aspects of their projects, ensuring a streamlined and cost-effective production process.




Application of Our Drone Services in Various Industries:

1. Real Estate: Drone services have transformed the real estate industry’s visual marketing. By capturing stunning aerial footage, property developers, and real estate agents can create immersive virtual tours, showcasing properties from unique perspectives. These high-quality visuals attract potential buyers and convey a sense of luxury, leading to increased engagement and sales.

2. Film and TV Productions: Major film and TV productions harness drone services to capture breathtaking aerial sequences. These shots add cinematic depth, scope, and intensity to scenes, transport viewers to different worlds, and enhance the overall production value.

3. Advertising and Marketing: Advertisement agencies and marketing teams utilize drone services to create visually striking and memorable campaigns. Drones capture attention-grabbing shots that showcase products or services in innovative ways, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

4. Event Coverage: Whether it’s a music festival, sports event, or corporate gathering, drone services enable event organizers to capture unique aerial footage, lending an extra dimension of excitement and scale to their coverage. Viewers watching the event from afar feel connected, enhancing engagement and overall viewer experience.



The introduction of drone services in video production has revolutionized the industry, offering unparalleled aerial perspectives, enhancing cinematic storytelling, and providing versatility and flexibility in capturing footage from various environments. Drone technology has made high-quality aerial shots accessible to a broad range of industries and significantly reduced costs. As businesses, filmmakers, and content creators strive to captivate audiences and convey compelling stories, drone services have emerged as an indispensable and empowering tool, elevating the visual impact and quality of video productions.


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