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Vienna has a great reputation for being the European capital of international conferences. Several international rankings and countless satisfied clients confirm, that the outstanding standards and high quality of Vienna’s meeting industry, together with its excellent infrastructure and cultural offers make the Austrian capital a top meeting destination. 

Vienna's efficient and reliable support services for conference organizers significantly contribute to the city's attractiveness for conference tourism. Numerous professional conference organizers, event management companies, and specialized service providers are readily available to assist in planning and executing conferences. These experienced professionals understand the unique requirements of hosting successful conferences, ensuring that every logistical aspect, including venue selection, catering, technical support, and accommodation, is flawlessly managed.

Vienna's strategic location, exceptional infrastructure, rich cultural heritage, academic excellence, commitment to sustainability, and reliable support services combine to establish it as a premier destination for conference tourism. The city's unique blend of elegance and efficiency creates an unforgettable experience for attendees while offering a compelling setting for knowledge exchange, networking, and developing new ideas. Vienna's growing prominence in the conference tourism industry reinforces its position as a global city of culture, ideas, and innovation.

For conference organisers and participant companies we offer our conference video crews with vaste experience covering international conferences. From simple conference video crews to multi camera live coverages no job is too small or too large for us. We are a genuine video production company with long years in the business. We know our tools of the trade well. It will not happen to us, that our video crew will show up on your shoot unprepared. It is very unlikely that our DOP on a shoot day will say "oh sorry, we forgot to bring flags" or " oh sorry, we do not have a control monitor with us" or " oh sorry, we have no more cards to shoot on". Here you can check out what we bring to every shoot we make: click here

There are two main conference hubs in Vienna. The Vienna Messe and the Austria Center next to the UN buildings. We have covered both location countless times. Please have a look at our conference video crews in action in the following pictures below.




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