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We are pretty sure you have seen these

                              bombastic claims

                                                                                                                                      when searching the net for video crews:



“On-demand video crews and
production services,


“Produce your visual content with the best local talent”


“Forget the old rules. You can have the best people.
Right now. Right here.”


Video Crew


While online third parties may offer convenience and accessibility, there are several reasons why they will not be the best choice when it comes to booking a video production crew:


Limited Control

When booking through online third parties, you may have limited control over the selection process of the video crew. They typically assign the crew based on low cost or availability, without considering your specific project requirements or preferences.


Lower Quality Assurance

Since online third parties often have a vast pool of freelancers, it can be difficult to ensure consistent quality across different crew members. You may not have sufficient information or background on the crew’s experience or skill level, leading to potential inconsistencies in the final production.


Lack of Personal Relationships

Building relationships and rapport with your video crew can greatly contribute to the success of a project. By booking through online third parties, you miss the opportunity to directly communicate and establish a personal connection with the crew, which can impact collaboration and understanding during the production process.


Limited Flexibility

Often, online third parties have fixed pricing and limited flexibility when it comes to negotiating rates or adjusting crew requirements. This lack of flexibility can be problematic, especially if your project has unique needs or you are working within a specific budget.


Communication Challenges

Booking a video crew via online third parties may lead to communication challenges as you may not have direct contact with the crew until the production date. This can hinder effective communication and coordination, potentially leading to mistakes, misunderstandings or delays in the project.


Overall, while online third parties may offer convenience, they will not provide the same level of control, quality assurance, personal relationships, flexibility, and communication as you would have when directly engaging with a reputable video crew company or professionals.