The Vienna Marathon route passes by the magnificent Hofburg Palace

The Vienna Marathon route passes by the magnificent Hofburg Palace.


Established in 1984, the Vienna Marathon is not just a race, it is a celebration of athleticism, community, and the vibrant spirit of Vienna. With its historic routes, scenic landscapes, enthusiastic crowds, and well-executed logistics, the Vienna Marathon offers a world-class racing experience that attracts runners and fans from near and far. Whether you are a seasoned marathoner chasing a personal record, a first-time runner tackling the distance for the first time, or a spectator cheering on the participants, the Vienna Marathon is an event that brings people together, inspires excellence, and showcases the best of what the sport of running has to offer.

The race kicks off near the Vienna International Centre, home to various United Nations agencies, before heading towards the famous Prater Park, a vast green space that provides a picturesque backdrop for runners as they navigate the course.




One of the highlights of the Vienna Marathon is the opportunity for runners to experience the rich history and cultural heritage of the city as they run past landmarks such as the Belvedere Palace, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and the Vienna State Opera. The route also takes participants along the famous Ringstrasse, a grand boulevard lined with elegant buildings, museums, and theaters that showcase Vienna’s architectural splendor and imperial legacy.


The runners of the Vienna Marathon will pass through these ancient arches of the Hofburg Palace

The runners of the Vienna Marathon will pass through these ancient arches of the Hofburg Palace.


Filming the Vienna Marathon in 2024 with our help ensures, that this iconic event is captured in all its glory and excitement. With expert video crews at your disposal, you can showcase the marathon in a dynamic and visually engaging manner, highlighting the energy, endurance, and spirit of the participants as they race through the scenic streets of Vienna. 

One of the primary advantages of hiring professional video crews from Video Crew Hire to film the Vienna Marathon is the quality of the footage that can be captured. With experienced cinematographers, camera operators, and production staff on hand, our clients can ensure, that every aspect of the marathon, from the start line to the finish line, is filmed with precision, attention to detail, and artistic flair. Our professional video crews have the expertise and equipment needed to capture the fast-paced action of the race, the determination of the runners, and the cheering crowds lining the route, producing high-definition, cinematic footage that showcases the event in all its excitement and emotion.

In terms of planning the filming logistics for the Vienna Marathon, there are several key considerations to keep in mind to ensure a successful and seamless production process. First and foremost, it is essential to create a detailed filming schedule that outlines the key events, locations, and timings that need to be covered during the marathon. This schedule should take into account important milestones such as the start of the race, the halfway point, and the finish line, as well as any special moments or highlights that you want to capture on camera, such as celebrity appearances, record-breaking performances, or emotional finish line crossings.


The runners of the Vienna Marathon will pass the Opern Ring in front of the Grand Hotel Vienna

The runners of the Vienna Marathon will pass the Opern Ring in front of the Grand Hotel Vienna.


It is crucial to coordinate with the race organizers, local authorities, and security personnel to ensure that our video crews have the necessary access, permissions, and clearances to film in designated areas along the marathon route. This may involve securing press passes, obtaining permits for drone footage or camera equipment, and coordinating with race officials to position cameras at strategic vantage points that offer the best views of the action. By communicating proactively with all relevant stakeholders and planning ahead, you can minimize disruptions, ensure safety and compliance, and maximize the opportunities for capturing compelling footage that tells the story of the Vienna Marathon.

Furthermore, it is important to consider the technical requirements and equipment needed to film the Vienna Marathon effectively. Professional video crews from Video Crew Hire will come equipped with state-of-the-art cameras, lenses, stabilizers, drones, lighting, and audio gear that are essential for capturing high-quality footage in diverse outdoor settings. Depending on the nature of the shots you want to achieve, such as cinematic tracking shots of the lead runners, slow-motion close-ups of the crowd, or aerial views of the marathon route, your video crews will use a variety of equipment and techniques to create visually stunning and dynamic visuals that immerse viewers in the excitement and energy of the event.

In addition, utilizing the expertise and creative vision of our professional video crews can result in a wide range of content that can be leveraged for promotional and marketing purposes following the Vienna Marathon. The footage captured during the event can be edited into highlight reels, promotional videos, social media clips, and behind-the-scenes features that showcase the best moments, memorable stories, and inspiring performances from the race. These videos can be shared across digital platforms, event websites, social media channels, and broadcast networks to generate buzz, attract new audiences, and raise awareness about the Vienna Marathon, positioning it as a must-see event on the global sports calendar.


The runners will pass the Schönbrunn Castle in Vienna

The runners will pass the Schönbrunn Castle in Vienna.


Moreover, the footage captured by Video Crew Hire can be repurposed for future promotional campaigns, sponsor activations, and commercial opportunities that extend the reach and impact of the Vienna Marathon beyond the event itself. By creating a library of high-quality video content that can be used in various marketing channels and initiatives, you can reinforce the brand identity, values, and messaging of the marathon, engage with fans and sponsors, and drive interest and participation in future editions of the event. Professional video crews have the skills and creativity to transform raw footage into compelling storytelling that resonates with audiences, evokes emotions, and motivates action, whether it’s signing up for the next race, supporting a charitable cause, or becoming a loyal fan of the marathon.




Filming the Vienna Marathon in 2024 with the assistance of Video Crew Hire offers a unique opportunity to capture the essence and excitement of this iconic event through expert videography, creative storytelling, and professional production values. By leveraging the skills, equipment, and experience of video crews, you can ensure that every moment of the marathon is documented with precision, artistry, and passion, creating a visually stunning record of the race that inspires and delights audiences worldwide. With a strategic approach to planning, filming, and leveraging the resulting footage for marketing and promotional purposes, you can elevate the profile of the Vienna Marathon, engage with viewers, and create lasting memories and connections that endure long after the race is over.