Video Production Zagreb crew was hired by a US production house to film at the Croatian company called Telegra in Zagreb. Telegra is an ITS company, focused exclusively on smart traffic management systems. This is what Telegra states on their website: 

“We make great efforts to ensure that our current line of solutions and products are “future ready” and compatible with ITS solutions of tomorrow, such as connected vehicles, automated decision support systems, integrated corridor management systems, smart cities, nationwide hierarchical traffic management systems, etc.

This focus on continuous innovation is part of our corporate culture and is one of our core values. Our system incorporates advanced technologies for information retrieval, analysis, prediction, storing, visualization and dissemination, such as AI, Data Fusion, Big Data storage and retrieval and Cloud computing.

This culture, along with more than two decades of experience and direct contact with our clients (consultants, ITS designers, supervisors and operators), resulted in development of numerous improvements and innovative solutions.”

Video Crew Zagreb filming at Telegra

Video Crew Zagreb filming at Telegra

On this filming we used only one digital cinema camera, the Canon C300 Mark II. 4K rig. For lenses we had some 50mm cinema prime and cinema zooms in the focal range of 16-28mm and 50-135 mm. Lighting was done with Bebob Lux Led 60W led daylights.

Video Crew Zagreb filming at Telegra 3

Telegra is based near Zagreb, in Sveta Nedelja and that reminded us another famous Croatian company, which is based not far from here, the supercar producer Rimac Automobili, where we filmed couple of years ago. Rimac is an amazing company, recently surprising the world with a new electric hypercar Rimac C_two, which reaches 60 miles in 1.8 seconds. We hope to film with that car soon. Here are some pictures from our shoot with the Concept_one, which had “only” 1000hp and could reach 60 miles  “only” in 2.8 seconds.


Mate Rimac with Concept One

Mate Rimac with Concept_One