We have a very busy February with shoots in Vienna, Frankfurt, Ostrava and Belgrade. Mix of corporate and sports shoots.

What makes us different from the “video crew agency” crowd (Stark Crew, Global Media Desk, Crew 4 You, Screen Europa Productions, Valoso.hub etc. etc.), that we are focused on & embedded in Central & Eastern Europe, having our own experienced video crews with professional broadcast gear on the ground (and not just some cheap moonlighters, who are picked up randomly to make a quick buck. We are much more than just a well optimised website with some part-time administrators, who can not make a difference between DSLR-s and digital cinema cameras).

Check out our dedicated Facebook pages to each country we operate in and you will find tons of pictures of the shoots and videos we filmed for our clients. After that, go and see what these guys above have on their FB pages. Lots of unrelated BS, “words of wisdom” about video, sophistry, but hardly any evidence of their work done in our region.  In the past, they have called us many times for crews, but we turned them down. We always thought it is better for our clients to work with us directly and not trough some useless middle men.

Video Production Crew