We are offering LiveU rental services at the UEFA EURO 2024


The 2024 UEFA EURO is set to captivate football enthusiasts worldwide with thrilling matches taking place across Germany. From the vibrant streets of Berlin to historic sites in Munich and bustling cities like Hamburg and Frankfurt, Germany’s match venues promise to provide a perfect backdrop for this prestigious event. To heighten the live broadcasting experience and ensure seamless coverage, our LiveU rental services in Germany are offering cutting-edge solutions that empower broadcasters to convey the excitement of the tournament to millions of passionate fans worldwide.


LiveU300S 5G

LiveU300S 5G with Canon C300 Mark II. cinema camera

As the hosts of the 2024 UEFA EURO, Germany prides itself on its renowned sporting culture and advanced infrastructure. To effectively meet the significant broadcasting demands of this extraordinary event, our LiveU rental services provide broadcasters with unparalleled solutions, that revitalize live telecasts and guarantee uninterrupted coverage throughout the tournament. By leveraging our LiveU’s groundbreaking technology, broadcasters gain access to portable and reliable live streaming units, transforming how they capture and broadcast the exhilarating moments unfolding in iconic venues across Germany.



Benefits from renting from us

Advanced Live Streaming Technology: our LiveU rental services incorporate state-of-the-art technology designed specifically for live streaming. These rental packages offer broadcasters pioneering devices equipped with cutting-edge cellular bonding capabilities, transmission software, and user-friendly interfaces. With these features, broadcasters can guarantee impeccable video quality, low latency, and reliable connectivity even in challenging networking conditions, ensuring viewers receive an immersive and unforgettable live experience.

Enhancing Mobile Broadcasting: The portable devices provided by LiveU rental services offer broadcasters the freedom to capture the tournament’s essence from anywhere within the match venues. Camera operators can effortlessly move between the historic sites of Berlin, the metropolitan stadiums of Munich and Hamburg, and the vibrant streets of Frankfurt, Leipzig, Cologne, Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen, Dusseldorf, and Stuttgart, ensuring comprehensive coverage and delivering dynamic live content that engages audiences worldwide.

Uninterrupted and Seamless Transmissions: Prioritizing seamless broadcasts, our LiveU rental services ensure that viewers’ experience remains uninterrupted. By harnessing LiveU’s intelligent cellular bonding technology, broadcasters utilizing multiple network connections minimize the risk of signal loss and optimize their live streaming capabilities. Automatic signal switching and dynamic adjustments enable broadcasters to overcome network congestion, maintaining a stable connection and ensuring continuous broadcasting during the UEFA EURO 2024 matches across Germany.

Cost-Effective Broadcasting: Opting for our LiveU rental services in Germany provides broadcasters with a cost-effective broadcasting solution. Rather than making significant upfront investments in purchasing broadcasting equipment, broadcasters can rent LiveU devices, access cutting-edge technology tailored for the UEFA EURO 2024, reduce costs, and deliver high-quality broadcast content while maintaining financial flexibility.




LiveU 300S 5G unit

LiveU 300S 5G unit


Thrilling Match Coverage: Our LiveU rental services enable broadcasters to offer comprehensive coverage of matches during the UEFA EURO 2024. By accessing LiveU’s portable devices, camera operators can transmit live footage from different areas of the match venues in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Cologne, Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen, Dusseldorf, and Stuttgart. This allows broadcasters to capture significant gameplay moments and deliver real-time excitement and emotion to fans worldwide.

Embracing the Vibrant Fan Zones: The fan zones organized in each match venue across Germany will pulsate with enthusiasm during the UEFA EURO 2024. The mobility and versatility of LiveU devices empower media organizations to capture live events and celebrations within the fan zones, ensuring that fans’ energy and passion reach audiences at home, galvanizing fans worldwide.

Seamless Press Conferences and Interviews: LiveU’s rental units offer broadcasters invaluable tools during press conferences and player interviews taking place within the tournament venues. These devices allow broadcasters to instantly share live updates, player reactions, and post-match analyses from Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Cologne, Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen, Dusseldorf, and Stuttgart, enabling fans worldwide to stay connected and engaged throughout the tournament.


Filming at Bayern Munich stadium

Filming at Bayern Munich stadium


Our LiveU rental services in Germany revolutionize the landscape of sports broadcasting during the UEFA EURO 2024. These services encapsulate cutting-edge technology, seamless reliability, unparalleled mobility, and cost-effective solutions, empowering broadcasters to deliver high-quality live content while capturing the essence of the tournament across iconic match venues in Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Cologne, Dortmund, Gelsenkirchen, Dusseldorf, and Stuttgart. As football fans eagerly anticipate this grand event, LiveU’s rental services ensure that broadcasters can create an immersive and unforgettable viewing experience, allowing the world to witness every exhilarating moment as it unfolds.