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Nestled in the heart of Central Europe, Prague stands out as a mesmerizing city that seamlessly blends a rich historical tapestry with modern vibrancy. Renowned for its stunning architecture, charming cobblestone streets, picturesque riverside views, and vibrant cultural scene, Prague has long captivated filmmakers and artists from around the world. If you are considering where to shoot your next video production, Prague emerges as a compelling choice that offers a wealth of opportunities, inspiration, and resources to bring your creative vision to life. In this essay, we will explore the myriad reasons why Prague proves to be an enchanting and compelling filming destination that will elevate the quality and impact of your video production.


Architectural Splendor and Historical Charm

Prague serves as a veritable open-air museum, boasting an architectural landscape that spans centuries and styles, from Gothic masterpieces to Baroque gems and Art Nouveau elegance. The city’s iconic landmarks, such as the majestic Prague Castle, the historic Charles Bridge, and the Old Town Square with its astronomical clock, provide a visually stunning backdrop for filming. The intricate facades, ornate interiors, and atmospheric alleys of Prague’s architecture lend a timeless quality and aesthetic richness to any video production, infusing it with a sense of history, grandeur, and cultural significance.


In Prague our DOP was filming for Microsoft's "Garage" series

In Prague our DOP was filming for Microsoft’s “Garage” series.


Scenic Diversity and Natural Beauty

Beyond its architectural splendor, Prague offers a diverse range of scenic settings that can enhance the visual storytelling of your video production. Whether filming along the serene Vltava River, exploring the lush parks and gardens, or venturing into the surrounding Bohemian countryside with its rolling hills and picturesque villages, Prague presents a tapestry of natural beauty and panoramic vistas that can add depth, texture, and visual interest to your video footage. The juxtaposition of urban sophistication and rural tranquility in and around Prague provides filmmakers with a versatile canvas to craft compelling narratives and evoke different moods and emotions in their video content.


We are filming in Prague at the Vltava riverbank for a US production

We are filming in Prague at the Vltava riverbank for a US production.


Cinematic History and Cultural Heritage

As a city with a storied cinematic history and a strong cultural heritage, Prague exudes an aura of creativity, inspiration, and artistic legacy that can enrich your video production. Over the years, Prague has served as a filming location for numerous acclaimed movies, from historical epics and period dramas to surreal fantasies and contemporary thrillers. The city’s cinematic allure lies in its ability to transport viewers through time and space, making it an ideal setting for diverse genres and storytelling themes. Filming in Prague allows you to tap into the city’s cinematic legacy, draw upon its cultural richness, and imbue your video production with a sense of authenticity, depth, and resonance that resonates with audiences worldwide.




Film-Friendly Infrastructure and Production Support

Prague boasts a robust film industry infrastructure, with production facilities, experienced crew members, top-notch equipment rental services, and reliable production support agencies that cater to the needs of both local and international filmmakers. Whether you require sound stages, post-production facilities, casting services, or location scouting assistance, Prague offers a comprehensive range of resources that can streamline the video production process and ensure a seamless filming experience. The city’s film-friendly ecosystem, coupled with its technical expertise and logistical efficiency, makes Prague an attractive and accessible destination for video productions of all scales and genres.

The Czech Republic offers a competitive cash rebate program to filmmakers looking to shoot their projects in the country. The cash rebate currently amounts to 20% of eligible Czech spend for qualifying film and television productions. This means that production companies can recoup a significant portion of their expenses incurred in the Czech Republic by receiving a rebate equivalent to 20% of the approved qualifying costs.

To be eligible for the cash rebate, productions must meet certain criteria outlined by the Czech Film Fund, including minimum spend requirements, content and cultural criteria, and compliance with local regulations. The rebate aims to incentivize both local and international filmmakers to choose the Czech Republic as their filming location, boosting the country’s film industry, creating job opportunities, and promoting cultural exchange through the medium of film.

By offering a substantial 20% cash rebate on qualifying production expenditures, the Czech Republic demonstrates its commitment to supporting and attracting filmmakers, enhancing the competitiveness of its film industry, and fostering a vibrant and dynamic filmmaking ecosystem that benefits both local and international productions.



We are filming a variety of projects in Prague. This sports shoot was done for a German broadcaster

We are filming a variety of projects in Prague. This sports shoot was done for a German broadcaster.


Cultural Vibrancy and Artistic Inspiration

Prague pulsates with a vibrant cultural scene, where art, music, theater, and film converge to create a dynamic and enriching creative environment. The city’s bohemian spirit, avant-garde sensibility, and artistic sensibilities inspire filmmakers to push boundaries, experiment with visual storytelling, and infuse their video productions with a sense of innovation and originality. From attending film festivals and cultural events to collaborating with local artists and performers, filming in Prague offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a creative melting pot that stimulates imagination, fosters collaboration, and sparks new ideas for your video content. The city’s creative energy and cultural vibrancy can infuse your video production with a sense of authenticity, vitality, and artistic flair that elevates its impact and resonance with viewers.


In Prague we provide live or remote video production services for clients using the latest live IP technologies.

In Prague we provide live or remote video production services for clients using the latest live IP technologies.


Prague emerges as a captivating and alluring filming destination that promises to enhance the quality, authenticity, and visual appeal of your next video production. With its architectural splendor, scenic diversity, cinematic history, film-friendly infrastructure, and cultural vibrancy, Prague offers a compelling blend of resources, inspiration, and opportunities that can elevate your creative vision and storytelling approach. Whether you seek a historical backdrop, a modern urban setting, a picturesque landscape, or a cultural immersion, Prague provides a versatile and enchanting canvas for capturing unforgettable visuals, evoking powerful emotions, and engaging audiences on a profound level. Choose Prague as your next filming destination and embark on a cinematic journey that transcends boundaries, illuminates narratives, and resonates with audiences worldwide.