Munich – the Ideal Location for Your Next Video Production


Our DOP filming in Munich centre


Munich, the vibrant capital of Bavaria, is a city renowned for its cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, rich history, and modern amenities. Boasting a unique blend of old-world charm and cutting-edge innovation, Munich serves as an ideal location for filmmakers seeking a captivating backdrop for their video productions. From iconic landmarks and architectural marvels to lush green spaces and dynamic urban settings, Munich offers a diverse range of filming opportunities that can elevate the visual appeal and storytelling potential of any project. In this essay, we will explore the myriad reasons why choosing Munich as the setting for your next video production can be a rewarding and impactful decision.


Corporate filming in Munich for a US production.

Corporate filming in Munich for a US production.


Historical and Cultural Significance

Munich’s storied past and vibrant cultural scene make it a compelling choice for filmmakers looking to imbue their productions with a sense of history, tradition, and authenticity. The city is home to a wealth of historic landmarks, such as the iconic Marienplatz, the majestic Nymphenburg Palace, and the awe-inspiring Munich Residenz, all of which provide unique and visually stunning backdrops for filming. Additionally, Munich’s rich cultural heritage is evident in its museums, galleries, theaters, and festivals, offering filmmakers a treasure trove of artistic inspiration and storytelling possibilities.


Our video crew from Munich filming a documentary about the rock group Scorpions for a UK production.

We did not stop producing even during COVID. Our video crew from Munich filming a documentary about the rock group Scorpions for a UK production.


Scenic Beauty and Natural Splendor

Beyond its historical and cultural attractions, Munich also boasts an abundance of natural beauty and scenic landscapes that can enhance the visual impact and emotional resonance of any video production. From the sprawling English Garden and the serene Isar River to the picturesque Bavarian Alps and idyllic countryside, Munich offers a diverse range of settings that can transport viewers to captivating and immersive worlds. Whether your production requires lush greenery, tranquil lakes, snow-capped mountains, or bustling city streets, Munich provides a versatile and visually compelling canvas for bringing your creative vision to life.




Modern Infrastructure and Technological Excellence

In addition to its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, Munich is also a hub of technological innovation, scientific research, and cutting-edge infrastructure. The city is home to world-class facilities, state-of-the-art studios, and top-tier production resources that can support the logistical, technical, and creative needs of any video production. With access to advanced equipment, skilled professionals, and innovative technologies, filmmakers in Munich can take advantage of the city’s robust industry ecosystem to achieve high production values, seamless workflows, and exceptional results.



Filming at Bayern Munich locker room

Filming with Bayern Munich for a UK client.


As of 2021, Germany offers a cash rebate of up to 25% of eligible production costs for international film and television productions that meet certain criteria. The German Federal Film Fund (DFFF) provides financial support to projects that contribute to the cultural diversity and economic development of the German film industry. The rebate is intended to attract international productions to Germany, promote collaboration with local talent and resources, and stimulate the growth of the country’s film and media sector.


Remote video production via Zoom from Munich for a Swedish client.

Remote video production via Zoom from Munich for a Swedish client.


To qualify for the cash rebate, productions must meet specific requirements related to the production budget, local spending, cultural relevance, and other factors. Eligible projects can receive up to 25% of German production costs, with a maximum rebate amount set by the funding guidelines. The rebate is typically paid out in stages based on verified expenditures and production milestones, helping to support filmmakers throughout the production process.

The German cash rebate scheme presents a valuable incentive for international filmmakers considering shooting their projects in Germany, including cities like Frankfurt. By taking advantage of this incentive, filmmakers can access financial support that can significantly reduce production costs, increase the overall budget of the project, and enhance the economic viability of filming in Germany. Furthermore, the cash rebate can help attract top talent, invest in high-quality production resources, and facilitate collaborations with local partners, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of the German film industry.




Filming Coca Cola's All Hands Meeting in Munich, Germany 10

Filming Coca Cola’s All Hands Meeting in Munich


Cinematic Inspiration and Creative Energy

Munich’s vibrant arts scene, creative community, and entrepreneurial spirit make it an inspiring and energizing environment for filmmakers seeking to push the boundaries of storytelling, visual aesthetics, and narrative innovation. The city’s dynamic cultural landscape, diverse population, and cosmopolitan atmosphere create a melting pot of ideas, perspectives, and influences that can fuel the creative process and foster collaboration and experimentation. Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker or an emerging talent, Munich offers a supportive and stimulating environment where ideas can flourish, visions can take shape, and stories can come to life in bold and imaginative ways.


Culinary Delights and Hospitality

In addition to its artistic and cultural offerings, Munich is also renowned for its culinary delights, vibrant dining scene, and warm hospitality. Filmmakers and their crews can indulge in a wide array of culinary experiences, from traditional Bavarian cuisine and hearty beer gardens to global flavors and innovative gastronomy. The city’s diverse culinary landscape caters to every palate and preference, offering a taste of local traditions, regional specialties, and international fusions. Furthermore, Munich’s renowned hospitality and welcoming atmosphere make it a hospitable and accommodating destination for filmmakers looking to work in a friendly, supportive, and inclusive environment.


Conference coverage in Munich for a US client.

Conference coverage in Munich for a US client.