LiveU 300S 5G Rental


We are offering live HD/4K connectivity rental via the new LiveU 300S 5G units in Central & Eastern Europe. “The LiveU 300S is a compact 5G 4K live streaming encoder that provides reliable 4K 10-bit HDR broadcast-grade video over 5G and other cellular/IP networks at a fraction of the cost. It is the most powerful small-sized portable 5G video transmission solution for broadcast operations and live coverage on-the-go. Weighing just over 900 g (2 lb), the LU300S offers resilient bonding in a compact and lightweight portable unit! Supporting up to 30 Mbps, the unit combines up to six IP connections: 4 cellular, WiFi and LAN, based on LiveU’s patented HEVC bonding technology.”


LiveU300S 5G

LiveU300S 5G with Canon C300 Mark II. cinema camera


“With built-in 5G support, the LU300S delivers the highest bandwidth and ultra-low latency. The unit supports up to 4 x 5G/4G cellular connections: two internal dual-SIM modems with high-efficiency antennas as well as two external modems. Powered by LiveU’s dedicated Reliable Transport protocol LRT™, the LU300S offers rock-solid reliability in the most challenging scenarios.”

Experience the game-changing capabilities of LiveU, a cutting-edge technology that is transforming the world of live streaming. With its lightweight and portable design, LiveU offers innovative cellular bonding solutions that enable seamless broadcasting of various content, ranging from events and news to sports and corporate videos. This revolutionary technology ensures high-quality video feeds with minimal delays, delivering an exceptional viewing experience to audiences. Even in remote locations with unreliable network coverage, LiveU’s rental services allow for uninterrupted and dependable streaming by intelligently combining multiple cellular connections. Say goodbye to the challenges of unpredictable networks and embrace the power of LiveU for a flawless live streaming experience.


LiveU 300S 5G unit

LiveU 300S 5G units


Our LiveU rental services come with a unique advantage – unmatched mobility. Thanks to the compact and portable design of LiveU units, content creators and event organizers can effortlessly capture and live stream events from any location. This mobility is particularly beneficial for covering outdoor sports events, local festivals, concerts, and cultural celebrations. Get ready to provide spectacular visuals and engaging experiences that were previously out of reach.

By seamlessly integrating with the existing production setups, our LiveU rental services make the transition to live streaming a breeze. With compatibility for different technologies like SDI, HDMI, and Ethernet, content creators can effortlessly connect their preferred cameras and audiovisual equipment. Moreover, LiveU is compatible with popular encoders and streaming platforms, adding to its versatility and simplifying the production process. This seamless integration allows content creators and event organizers to concentrate on the creative aspects of their work, knowing they have reliable and high-quality LiveU live streaming capabilities at their disposal.

“Increase viewership and engage your audience by covering more live events in the highest video quality. The LU300S allows you to reliably transmit up to 4Kp60 10-bit HDR transmission over 12G-SDI or HDMI for optimal color depth and richness. Supporting richer audio production, the unit supports up to eight audio channels for wider mixing options.”

Quotations from LiveU


LiveU 300S 5G unit

LiveU 300S 5G units