Hollywood Filming Locations in Central and Eastern Europe


Filming behind the scenes The Grey House

Our video crews were filming behind the scenes “The Grey House” in Bucharest, Romania




In recent years, Central and Eastern Europe have emerged as key destinations for Hollywood filmmakers seeking diverse and captivating settings for their productions. The region’s rich history, stunning landscapes, and skilled local crews offer a unique backdrop for a wide range of film genres. Let’s delve into the current Hollywood films being filmed in Central and Eastern Europe and explore why these locations have captured the attention of filmmakers worldwide.


Dark Wolf Wraps Shooting in Croatia

The coastal city of Zadar in Croatia was transformed into a war-torn rendition of Mosul for the filming of the Amazon TV series, The Terminal List: Dark Wolf. Serviced by Croatia’s Embassy Films, the production took advantage of the 25% tax rebate provided by the Croatian Audiovisual Centre as part of the Filming in Croatia program. The prequel to the successful action thriller series The Terminal List, created by Jack Carr and David DiGilio, and produced by Civic Center Media and Hill District Media from the USA, features a star-studded cast including Tom Hopper, Taylor Kitsch, and Luke Hemsworth.

Afterburn Starring Samuel L. Jackson and Dave Bautista Filming in Bratislava

J.J. Perry is directing the futuristic action film “Afterburn,” which features Dave Bautista and Samuel L. Jackson and is currently being filmed in Bratislava with production services provided by Monsters films, s.r.o. The movie has an estimated budget of around 104 million EUR, and the Slovak Audiovisual Fund is expected to grant a subsidy of 16,275,936 EUR. The director of the Slovak Film Commission, mentioned that filming started in April 2024 and will last for approximately two months, primarily in Bratislava but also in surrounding areas.

Mission: Impossible 7

One of the most anticipated action films, “Mission: Impossible 7,” starring Tom Cruise and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, has taken advantage of the picturesque locations in Central Europe. With its historic cities, scenic countryside, and architectural landmarks, countries like Poland have provided the perfect backdrop for exhilarating action sequences and high-octane stunts.

The Last Duel

Ridley Scott’s historical drama “The Last Duel,” featuring stars like Matt Damon, Adam Driver, and Jodie Comer, chose Hungary as one of its filming locations. The country’s medieval castles, preserved villages, and diverse landscapes have helped bring the film’s authentic medieval setting to life, creating a captivating visual experience for audiences.

The King’s Man

The prequel to the popular “Kingsman” series, “The King’s Man,” directed by Matthew Vaughn, selected the Czech Republic as a filming location. With its stunning castles, palaces, and historical sites, the country offered a perfect setting for the film’s action-packed sequences and intricate period design, transporting viewers back in time to a bygone era.


Denis Villeneuve’s highly anticipated adaptation of the sci-fi epic “Dune,” starring Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya, filmed in Hungary to capture the otherworldly landscapes and alien environments essential to the story. The country’s diverse terrain, from barren deserts to lush forests, provided the perfect backdrop for this visually stunning and immersive cinematic experience.

The Gray Man

“The Gray Man,” directed by the Russo brothers and starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, is set to film in various European locations, with reports suggesting that countries in Central and Eastern Europe, such as Hungary and the Czech Republic, will be featured. With its blend of urban sophistication and breathtaking scenery, the region offers a dynamic backdrop for this high-stakes spy thriller.

 The Grand Budapest Hotel

While not a Hollywood production, Wes Anderson’s visually striking “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is worth mentioning for its use of filming locations in Germany and the Czech Republic. The film’s whimsical aesthetic and intricate set designs were brought to life by the historic architecture and stunning landscapes of these Central European countries.



The allure of Central and Eastern Europe for Hollywood filmmakers lies in its mixture of affordability, diverse locations, skilled talent pool, and attractive production incentives offered by various countries in the region. As the film industry continues to seek out fresh and captivating settings for their projects, Central and Eastern Europe stand out as versatile and compelling filming destinations that offer a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty unrivaled in the world of cinema.

The current trend of Hollywood films being filmed in Central and Eastern Europe underscores the region’s growing prominence as a top choice for filmmakers looking to create visually stunning and immersive cinematic experiences. From action-packed blockbusters to historical epics, the diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Central and Eastern Europe continue to inspire and captivate audiences around the globe, cementing the region’s status as a premier filming destination for the film industry’s most ambitious projects.