Almost all our brand communication videos got some sound-bites. Pro audio is very important part of what we do and most of the time this is where amateur productions fail spectacularly.

The microphones built into cameras never appropriate to use, if you’re recording someone speaking. To record a good dialogue, the microphone needs to be close to the speaker’s mouth. In real life situations the camera is never that close to the person speaking.

One of the best solutions is to use a professional “lavaliere” microphone. This is the small type of microphone, which is pinned to a person’s lapel or tie. Video Crew Hire uses broadcast quality Sony & Sennheiser wired and wireless lavaliere microphones.

High Quality Audio

Whenever we do not have to move around with the talent and camera while recording, we prefer to use our wired lapel microphones for better audio and safe, distortion free recordings . When mobility is a must, we use wireless lavaliere systems. Both versions, the professional wired and the wireless are priced between € 800 – 2500 each depending on versatility. As practice shows, productions need to carry 3-4 of these microphones. Amateur productions are not willing to pay € 3000-4000 just for microphones, to get proper gear, that’s why their audio will sound, well …. amateur, when using cheap microphones.

Lavaliere microphones, however important, not our first choice, to record good talent audio . We prefer to use a shotgun or boom-pole microphones for most interviews and presentations. A boom microphone is a large, long microphone with a a hyper-cardioid pickup pattern. It’s the type of microphone we use on a boom-pole.

Our Sennheiser MKH 416-s (cost over € 1000 per microphone) sounds fuller and nicer, than the small lavaliere microphones and we use it often, not worrying about clothes rustling or other interferences. This solution also more comfortable for our guests, as they are not tied down with cables.