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FIE World Fencing Championships 2019

Budapest, Hungary 15 – 23 July

Stills & Films will be operational with several video crews & LiveU units at the BOK Sports Hall (aka SYMA Sports and Conference Centre) during the championship. For booking and information please contact at or call +36 309 440 182 / +44 203 514 2022 / +1 213 4540 533

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Documentary shoots

Stills & Films’ cameraman taking beauty shots of Budapest for a Danish client

Close to 2,000 competitors from 130 countries will participate at the World Championship. The 2019 FIE World Championship – which doubles up as an Olympic qualification tournament – begins on July 15th. In nine days of competition, participants will compete in three disciplines as they take to the piste in both individual and team events at the BOK Hall in Budapest. The organizers expect 8-10,000 supporters each day and a total of close to 50,000.


Stills & Films’ cameraman filming sports feature for an Italian client prior to the 17th Fina World Championship in Budapest, Hungary

Fencing is a popular sport in Hungary. The country is hosting the 7th World Championship this year since 1937. Only France hosted more of the game with 9 occasions. Last year IOC announced, that fencing will have 2 more medals at Tokyo 2020 – for Men’s and Women’s Team events. This puts fencing up to 12 medals to award – one for every event. In recent history, fencing has been rotating team events every Olympic Games in order to ensure that there are enough medals for all individual events. The need to rotate events was created when Women’s Saber team and individual events were added to the program. Fencing was not granted additional medals to award. This created a 2 medal deficit, which was worked around by rotating events. Now that there are two more medals awarded to the sport, Tokyo 2020 will be the first event to grant gold medals to all 6 individual events and all 6 team events in one year.