Expert Tips on How to Produce Factory Tour Videos



Factory tour videos have become a powerful tool for businesses to showcase their manufacturing processes and provide an inside look into their operations. With the rise of video content consumption, creating killer factory tour videos can capture the audience’s attention, build trust, and generate excitement about your brand. To help you produce exceptional factory tour videos, we provide expert tips that cover aspects such as planning, storytelling, visuals, narration, and distribution. By incorporating these strategies, you can create compelling and engaging videos that leave a lasting impact on your viewers.


Video Crew Zagreb on a corporate shoot near Varazdin for an Italian cloth manufacturer

We are on a factory tour video shoot near Varazdin, Croatia for an Italian cloth manufacturer.


Plan Your Story and Structure 


Before you start filming, plan your video’s story arc. Consider the narrative structure, beginning with a captivating introduction to grab viewers’ attention. Introduce the factory’s purpose, values, and unique selling points. Develop a clear and logical flow to guide viewers through the manufacturing process. Showcase different departments and include specific details to highlight your company’s expertise. Finish with a strong conclusion that emphasizes any significant achievements or innovations. By planning the structure, you can ensure that your video delivers a coherent and engaging story.


Gimbal shots at a corporate shoot in Graz

Factory tour video shoot with gimbal in Graz, Austria.


Keep it Concise and Engaging 


To maintain your audience’s interest, keep your factory tour video concise. Focus on capturing the most stunning and unique aspects of your factory rather than providing a comprehensive overview of every minute detail. Keep the video duration under 5 minutes to cater to shorter attention spans. Rely on dynamic editing techniques to maintain a fast-paced and engaging flow. Incorporate a variety of shots, including close-ups, time-lapses, and aerial footage, to bring visual interest to the screen.


Corporate shoot in a factory  in Hemer, Germany

Corporate shoot in a factory in Hemer, Germany.


Showcase your Team and Transparency 


A factory tour video should not only highlight the production process but also showcase the people behind the scenes. Integrate shots that demonstrate the expertise and skills of your employees, including interviews with key team members. This fosters transparency and humanizes your brand, establishing trust among your audience. By showcasing the team’s dedication and passion, viewers can connect with the people who bring the product to life.


We are on a factory tour video shoot at Bang & Olufsen in the Czech Republic

We are on a factory tour video shoot at Bang & Olufsen in the Czech Republic.


Utilize High-Quality Production Equipment 


To create an impressive factory tour video, invest in high-quality video production equipment. This includes a professional camera, stabilization tools, and suitable lighting for each filming environment. High-resolution visuals and smooth shots enhance the overall production value, signaling professionalism and reliability to your audience. Additionally, ensure you have access to good quality audio equipment to capture clear and distinct narration and sound effects.


We are filming in an Abbott factory near Wiesbaden, Germany

We are filming in an Abbott factory near Wiesbaden, Germany.


Incorporate Captivating Narration


Narration plays a crucial role in guiding viewers through your factory tour video. Hire a professional voiceover artist or select a skilled team member with a clear and engaging voice. Craft a script that presents key information in a succinct and compelling manner. Introduce intriguing facts, express enthusiasm, and relate the information to the viewers’ interests and benefit. A well-voiced narration greatly enhances the viewer’s experience, immersing them in the tour and captivating their attention.


Our video crew is on corporate shoot in a factory in Graz, Austria for a UK client.

Our video crew is on corporate shoot in a factory in Graz, Austria for a UK client.


Demonstrate Quality and Attention to Detail 


Demonstrate your commitment to quality by highlighting the attention to detail in your manufacturing process. Use well-composed shots to capture precision machinery and intricate craftsmanship. Emphasize quality control measures to instill confidence in your audience. Showcasing these details gives transparency and assures viewers that your products are crafted with care and precision.


We are on a corporate video production shoot at the Volkswagen factory near Bratislava, Slovakia

We are on a corporate video production shoot at the Volkswagen factory near Bratislava, Slovakia.


Show Before and After Effects 


To engage viewers and build excitement, use before and after effects to demonstrate the transformation that occurs during the manufacturing process. Consider using split screens or side-by-side shots to compare raw materials or unfinished products with the final polished ones. This visual contrast establishes the value your factory adds to the products, creating a sense of awe and admiration among viewers.


Filming product videos at Festool in Stuttgart, Germany

We are filming product videos at Festool in Stuttgart, Germany.


Implement Subtitles or Language Options 


To cater to a broader audience, consider implementing subtitles or providing language options in your factory tour videos. This accommodates viewers who may have hearing impairments or do not speak the video’s original language. Additionally, by allowing viewers to choose their preferred language, you extend the reach of your video to international markets, fostering inclusivity and expanding your brand’s global appeal.


We are on a factory shoot in Hemer, Germany

We are on a factory shoot in Hemer, Germany.


Use a Call to Action


The end of your factory tour video is an ideal opportunity to include a call to action. Invite viewers to take the next step, such as visiting your website, subscribing to your newsletter, or following your social media channels. Encourage them to engage with your brand and continue the conversation beyond the video. Including a clear call to action in your video increases the chances of converting engaged viewers into potential customers.


Optimize Video Distribution 


To ensure maximum visibility and impact, strategically distribute your factory tour videos. Leverage video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, making use of relevant keywords and tags to optimize search results. Share your videos across your website, blog, and social media channels to reach your existing audience and foster engagement. Collaborate with industry influencers or partners who can help promote your video to their audiences. Additionally, consider repurposing your video content into shorter snippets or teasers for use on platforms like Instagram or Twitter.


We are on a factory tour video shoot in Hungary.

We are on a factory tour video shoot in Hungary.



Creating killer factory tour videos requires meticulous planning, engaging storytelling, high-quality production equipment, and effective distribution strategies. By following these expert tips, you can create captivating videos that provide an inside look into your company’s operations, build trust, and generate excitement among your audience. Focus on presenting a well-structured narrative, highlighting your team’s expertise, and showcasing the quality and attention to detail in your manufacturing process. With compelling narration, attractive visuals, and optimized distribution, your factory tour video will leave a lasting impression and contribute to the success of your brand.