Event Video Services at the Austria Center in Vienna


The European Congress of Radiology (ECR) is one of the most anticipated events in the field of radiology, gathering professionals from around the world. We are offering event video services at ECR 2024, which aim to enhance client’s experience of the conference. This event will be held in Vienna, Austria between 28 February – 03 March, 2024.


Our event video services offer English speaking video crews with the latest digital cinematography equipment

Our event video services offer English speaking video crews with the latest digital cinematography equipment.


Capturing and preserving valuable knowledge

One of the primary benefits of our event video services is the ability to capture and preserve valuable knowledge shared during presentations, talks, and workshops. In a conference as comprehensive as ECR, it becomes impossible for participants to attend every session of interest. By recording sessions and providing on-demand access to the recorded content, clients can review missed sessions, reinforce their knowledge, and expand their understanding of the latest developments in radiology.



Increased reach and engagement

Not every interested individual or professional can attend ECR physically due to various constraints. Event video services enable clients to extend the reach of their key messages and presentations beyond the physical confines of the congress. By broadcasting sessions live or offering recordings post-event, organizations can connect with a wider audience, including those who couldn’t attend in person. This not only increases their own exposure and influence but also fosters engagement and collaboration among radiology professionals globally.


Event Video Services

Capturing moments  of fun at the Austria Center.


Personalized learning and professional development

Attendees at ECR have diverse interests, specializations, and learning needs. Event video services provide an excellent opportunity for clients to curate and tailor content to meet these individual requirements. By organizing and categorizing video recordings by topic, specialty, or speaker, clients can create a personalized learning library. Participants can then access the resources most relevant to their professional development and strengthen their expertise in specific domains.

Networking opportunities

ECR offers numerous networking opportunities for professionals in the radiology field. Event video services can enhance this aspect of the conference, allowing clients to build connections not only with attendees but also with speakers, exhibitors, and industry experts. By conducting interviews, capturing insightful discussions, or facilitating virtual meetups, organizations can leverage event video services to foster meaningful networking and collaboration, even beyond the duration of the congress.


Our video services can provide multiple camera crews for each conference

Our video services can provide multiple camera crews for each conference.


Promotional and marketing materials

Event video services provide clients with a wealth of promotional and marketing materials. Organizations can create highlight reels or snippets from presentations to showcase the quality and relevance of their involvement at ECR. These videos can be shared on various platforms such as websites, social media, newsletters, or email marketing campaigns, thereby maximizing exposure and reinforcing brand value. These video assets also serve as valuable content for subsequent conferences, press releases, or marketing campaigns, expanding the longevity and impact of their participation.

Enhanced participant experience

Incorporating event video services enhances the overall participant experience at ECR. Attendees can focus primarily on engaging with speakers, networking, and exploring exhibitions rather than worrying about taking extensive notes during sessions. Recording every talk or workshop alleviates this pressure and enables participants to immerse themselves fully in the experience, confident in knowing that they can access recorded content whenever needed.


Interviewing a conference participant for a UK client at the Austria Center.

Interviewing a conference participant for a UK client at the Austria Center.


We are offering clients attending ECR 2024 in Vienna numerous advantages. From capturing and preserving knowledge to increasing reach and engagement, personalized learning opportunities, enhanced networking, and valuable promotional materials, clients can reap multiple benefits by incorporating event video services into their ECR experience. Investing in these services not only enhances the participant experience but also expands the impact and reach of their involvement beyond the duration of the conference.