Corporate Video Production – How to Help Your Video Team Even Before the Shoot Started

Lately we notice, that companies hiring outside video productions do very little to help their filming to flow smoothly. This is so weird, since these companies ordering the videos are the most interested in the success of filming. Regardless, they do very little to help the crews. For example, almost always nobody thinks about parking. Film crews are not radio journalists with one small dictaphone in hand. We have tons of gear with us: cameras, tripods, lights, light stands, audio equipment, backgrounds with support systems etc etc.

Films crews are hauling lots of gear

Film crews are hauling lots of gear

In modern, busy cities to find parking close to the venues is a pain in the back. When we have no parking for our production car from the organisers, it is guaranteed that we will loose time and energy to find one. This takes away that time and energy from filming.

Conference gear

Yes, we are carrying lots of “stuff”

The other issues with corporate filming is space and time. For filming we need space. If you want your pictures look great with that nice shallow depth of field, we need BIG rooms for interviews. In small crammed holes even the best DOP-s are having hard time to find a good composition. Always aim to get the biggest available room for your filming. 

Corporate video shoot in Vienna for Pfizer 5

Now, there is space…

Lastly time… we understand perfectly well, that all CEO-s are crazily busy, but filming takes time. Always there are several takes to be filmed and if the talent is in a hurry or his/her thoughts are somewhere else, it shows. Not good. A bad video is worst, then no video at all. Please plan your filming carefully (do not rush the crew to compensate, it never works) and try to choose the best possible time for it. It is not an easy task, but everybody will be much happier at the end to watch a well made film.