New bi-color led lighting

We love our KinoFlo-s and Dedo-s, those are industry standard great lights. However, these days the led lighting technology offers so much convenience, like small sizes with great output, little weight and very affordable pricing. We could not resist anymore and jumped into it. For start we bought some high output bi-color lights from the Dracast 1500 S series.

Dracast 1500 S bi-color led lighting

Dracast 1500 S bi-color led lighting

This is what Dracast says about these lights: 

“Featuring a slim and lightweight design, the S-Series Plus Bi-Color LED1500 Panel with V-Mount Battery Plate from Dracast is an ideal choice for location work, interviews and small sets where color accuracy, control and flicker-free output are of major importance. Variable color temperature from 3200K-5600K or anywhere in between means that you can quickly match the prevailing ambient or artificial light balance with a simple twist of a knob while others are still applying filters. Dimming is equally convenient via another knob that adjusts the light intensity from 100-0% with negligible color shift.

One of the light’s enhancements is wireless Multi-Light Control Capability whereby you can make color and dimming adjustments to a single master light and other lights in a group will follow suit. The panel also has both color and light intensity presets to make it easy to return to previously used settings. The low electrical draw of just 87W means a timely return on your investment.

The durable aluminum frame is supported by a sturdy, U-shaped yoke with locking knobs on each side and a standard 5/8″ receiver. The LED1500 can be used worldwide, powered by the included 100-240 VAC adapter or by optional V-mount batteries. A carry case is included.”

We found that the lights are well made, durable and emit an incredible soft light. The daylight version is amazingly powerful for such a small size, but even the bi-color lights are having plenty of punch for our interview situations.