We got our first booking for 2018! from a US client for a 7 person production crew with 3 Canon cinema cameras, grip, lights, audio and make-up for the 11th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes.

We still have plenty of crew available, if you wish to cover the conference. Please drop us a line at: booking@videocrewhire.com

What makes us different from the “video crew agency” crowd (Stark Crew, Global Media Desk, Crew 4 You, Screen Europa Productions, Valoso.hub etc. etc.), that we are focused on & embedded in Central & Eastern Europe, having our own experienced video crews with professional broadcast gear on the ground (and not just some cheap moonlighters, who are picked up to make a quick buck. We are much more than just a well optimised website with some part-time administrators, who can not make a difference between DSLR-s and digital cinema cameras).

ATTD 2018